Friday, October 18th 2019 7pm-2am



Start the Pocono Witches’ Festival off with an authentic Seance with Lady D. Experience the techniques used by Lady D to receive messages from beyond the veil. Guests will sit in a semi-darkened known haunted room at the Split Rock Resort and experience a seance conducted by an experienced, professional psychic and medium. Lady D casts a circle of protection and then guides the group to open the channels of awareness and communication to any spirits present.

After a Quick snack, guests will then be introduced to our celebrity and special guest paranormal investigators and broken into smaller groups to investigate a known haunted area of the Split Rock Resort. Where there are claims of multiple spirits, including one of a little girl suspected of dying in a fire.

A la carte price: $40 pp includes snacks and beverages

18+ Only. All ticket sales are final.

Saturday, October 19th 2019 10am-5pm


SHOP! SHOP! TIL’ YOU DROP! Take the day to explore the Magickal Market, a magical marketplace of vendors offering all your Witchy needs and desires. Close to 100 unique vendors selling crystals, jewelry, spell kits, books of shadows, candles, voodoo dolls, herbs, incense, wands, books, divination tools, and BONES! Don’t forget to stop by one of our psychics or tarot readers for peek into the future. Relax, cleanse, or balance with one of our spiritual services providers offering massages, cleansings, and reiki.

During our Magickal Market expand your knowledge of the Arts of Magick, Witchcraft, and Spirituality with our presenters, authors, and known practitioners. Classes and Workshops will be held throughout the day.

thz9cg439kWe are also so excited to host for the first-time ever in an open setting, the opportunity for all to partake in a traditional Afro-Cuban drumming ceremony known as a “tambor”. Join Babalosha Obba Kilona and Rev. Bea, alongside a traditional Cuban drummer as they share this often-private affair of honor. Experience first-hand the compelling drumming found in most African originated religions. Known as a “tambor”, this often-religious gathering is performed to honor the Orishas (Deities) or other upstanding figures in the Lukumi/Santeria religion. We invite you to dance, commune, and feel the energy of this sacred drumming experience. All are welcome!

Entrance Fee $10 – No Ticket Needed


Fantasy Woman Dark Girl Gothic Horror Person

Join your host, author and practicing Witch, E. Massey in celebrating a night of magick, music, and ritual at the Pocono’s first-ever Witches’ Ball! Dance into the night with other costumed folk as NYC’S award winning DJ Steve Sidewalk spins all your favorite party tunes and spooky songs. Take a break  and enjoy the buffet dinner and cash bar.  In addition to fun, food, and dancing, guests will be able to participate in a Samhain ritual that honors the thinning of the veil and our ancestors and loved ones.

18+ to party/21 to drink. Dress your Witchy and spooky Best.

A la carte price: $60 pp includes buffet dinner and entertainment. Menu TBA

All ticket sales are final.

Sunday, October 20th 2019 5pm-9pm


Whether you take the day to wind down after the ball or to enjoy all that Slip Rock Resort has to offer, make sure you end your magickal weekend with our Psychic Dinner. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner and cash bar as Psychic Medium Lady Fontaine delivers an insightful evening of messages and communications from the spirit world.

A la carte price: $50 pp includes buffet dinner and entertainment. Menu TBA

18+ Only. All ticket sales are final.


We are happy to announce that we will be collecting lightly used and washed children’s winter coats in honor of the Orisha/Goddess Oshun during the Pocono Witches’ Festival & Ball Those who donate a jacket will receive $2.00 off our entrance fee for our Magickal Market.